Six issue contract agreed

Blackhall Publishing and the Government of Mauritius signed a contract

in April 2013 to digitize, revise, typeset, print and deliver, in both printed and electronic formats, the first official publication of subsidiary legislation in Mauritius since 1998. 

The project involved the compilation and indexing of thousands of Regulations and Orders from a variety of sources. These documents were then digitized, proofread and prepared for revision editing. Working with the Attorney-General’s staff, Blackhall selected legislation for omission. The standing text remaining was then typeset, proofread once again, and printed. The seven volume loose-leaf set of the Revised Legislation was delivered to the Attorney-General in Port Louis in March 2016. The volumes have now been updated by the publication in April 2017 of Issue 2, which brings the volumes up-to-date to 31 December 2015. 

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