Red Book Series: Malawi

Blackhall’s Red Book Series collects together all rules of court, revised, annotated and consolidated into one volume. The volumes are updated annually. The publication for Malawi contains the Supreme Court of Appeal Rules, Rules of the High Court, Courts (High Court) (Procedure in District Registries) Rules, High Court (Exercise of Jurisdiction of Registrar) Rules, Courts (High Court) (Jurisdiction, Powers and Duties of District Registrars) Rules, High Court (Commercial Division) Rules, High Court (Commercial Division) (Mandatory Mediation) Rules, Courts (High Court) (Procedure on the Interpretation or Application of the Constitution) Rules, Subordinate Courts Rules, Subordinate Courts (Small Claims Procedure) Rules, Legal Practitioners Remuneration, Taxation of Costs, and Allowances to Witnesses Rules, Traditional Courts (Appeals to High Court) Rules, Courts (Mandatory Mediation) Rules, Traditional Courts (Procedure) Rules, Traditional Courts (Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules, Traditional Courts (Enforcement of Judgments) Rules, Traditional Courts (Appeals) Rules, Traditional Courts (Bail) Rules, Malawi Law Society Rules, Legal Practitioners’ Accounts Rules, Legal Practitioners Practice Rules, Legal Practitioners (Accountants’ Certificates) Rules, Legal Practitioners (Scale and Minimum Charges) Rules, National Compensation Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, Commissioners for Oaths Rules, Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Direction Rules, Trustees Incorporation Rules, Removal Orders (Appeals) Rules, Criminal Procedure (Pleas of Guilty in Writing) Rules, Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Documentary Evidence) Rules, Criminal Procedure (Police Supervision) Rules, Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Jurors and Witnesses Allowances) Rules, Community Service (General) Rules, Industrial Relations Court (Procedure) Rules.
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Series editor MS MacLoingsigh
2016: vi + 382