Red Book Series: Malaŵi

Blackhall’s Red Book Series collects together all rules of court, revised, annotated and consolidated into one volume. The volumes are updated annually.
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The publication for Malaŵi contains

  • the Supreme Court of Appeal Rules,
  • Rules of the High Court,
  • Courts (High Court) (Procedure in District Registries) Rules,
  • High Court (Exercise of Jurisdiction of Registrar) Rules,
  • Courts (High Court) (Jurisdiction, Powers and Duties of District Registrars) Rules,
  • High Court (Commercial Division) Rules,
  • High Court (Commercial Division) (Mandatory Mediation) Rules,
  • Courts (High Court) (Procedure on the Interpretation or Application of the Constitution) Rules,
  • Subordinate Courts Rules,
  • Subordinate Courts (Small Claims Procedure) Rules,
  • Legal Practitioners Remuneration,
  • Taxation of Costs, and Allowances to Witnesses Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Appeals to High Court) Rules,
  • Courts (Mandatory Mediation) Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Procedure) Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Enforcement of Judgments) Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Appeals) Rules,
  • Traditional Courts (Bail) Rules,
  • Malaŵi Law Society Rules,
  • Legal Practitioners’ Accounts Rules,
  • Legal Practitioners Practice Rules,
  • Legal Practitioners (Accountants’ Certificates) Rules,
  • Legal Practitioners (Scale and Minimum Charges) Rules,
  • National Compensation Tribunal (Procedure) Rules,
  • Commissioners for Oaths Rules,
  • Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Direction Rules,
  • Trustees Incorporation Rules, Removal Orders (Appeals) Rules,
  • Criminal Procedure (Pleas of Guilty in Writing) Rules,
  • Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Documentary Evidence) Rules,
  • Criminal Procedure (Police Supervision) Rules,
  • Criminal Procedure and Evidence (Jurors and Witnesses Allowances) Rules,
  • Community Service (General) Rules,
  • Industrial Relations Court (Procedure) Rules.
Series editor MS MacLoingsigh LLB
2016: vi + 382